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JSTAR LOGO and capital partner

Investment approach and

Integrity, flexibility and symbiotic collaboration are our guiding principles.

Great investments come in many shapes and sizes.

JSTAR has the flexibility to best customize capital and investment structure as well as anticipated hold period to each unique opportunity.

We also invest in diverse situations across most industries, including

  • Buyout

  • Growth

  • Buy and build

  • Public to private

  • Carve-outs and asset divestitures

  • Bankruptcy and distressed

  • Proactive investment search in partnership with external experienced executive(s)

Other target criteria includes company revenues between $20 to $350 million with the ability to grow EBITDA margins to 15% or greater within the first three years of investment.

Also fundamental to every investment is an aligned growth, transformation and execution plan that delivers increasing company market share and meaningful forward operating leverage.

But all great companies are agile.

Strategically invest in talent, product, service, customers, innovation and processes.

And execute.

Together we symbiotically collaborate to evolve and significantly increase the value of the business, often driven by focusing on some of the following key levers.

Strategy and key initiative optimization and prioritization

Organization structure, alignment, and incentives

Best KPI dashboards for all levels and functions of organization

Culture building, talent recruitment, training, mentoring, and retention

Customer, channel and supplier pricing and incentives

New business growth models; product and service innovation

Manufacturing, service, distribution optimization,


E-commerce and logistics; digital easy pay, and loyalty programs

Integrated text, web, mobile, phone, in-person CRM

Optimal tech stack and AI integration

Automated, smart digital marketing

Lean, optimized finance and administrative processes

JSTAR’s investment experience is significant and results strong.

Approximately $500m capital invested, generating strong returns.

Select investments by JSTAR and affiliates include

The Mexmil Company JSTAR portfolio company

The Mexmil Company, a leading international aerospace insulation and interiors company (Investment Type: growth, buy/build, distressed; Industry: aerospace, manufacturing, B2B) was subsequently acquired by Triumph Group (Nasdaq: TGI).

lee cooper jstar portfolio company

Lee Cooper, a leading denim and lifestyle international brand (Investment Type: growth, buy/build, carve-out; Industry: consumer brand, B2B) was subsequently acquired by Iconix (Nasdaq: ICON).

Foster Grant International JSTAR portfolio company

FGXI, Inc., a leading reading and sunglass company (Investment Type: buy/build, growth; Industry: consumer brand, B2B, distribution) was subsequently taken public (Nasdaq: FGXI) and later acquired by Essilor (Euronext:EL).

disruption credit disruption capital jstar portfolio company

Disruption Credit provided superior risk adjusted returns to investors from loans purchased on the consumer online lending marketplaces by building the first automated loan selection and purchasing engine.  The company also created and launched the global LendIt Conference.

smile brands monarch dental castle dental jstar portfolio company

Monarch Dental (Nasdaq:MDDS) was taken private and Castle Dental subsequently acquired, creating a leading dental practice management company Smile Brands (Investment Type: growth, buy/build; Industry: consumer brand, healthcare), which was sold to Freeman Spogli.

apex jstar portfolio company

Apex Design Technology, a specialty design and manufacturer of complex electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic systems (Investment Type: growth; Industry: manufacturing and assembly) was subsequently acquired by Acromil.

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