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Updated: Jul 4

Recently had reason to refresh on brand/product naming stories and sharing three favorites.


Google would have been named Googol (10 to 100th power), if there was not a spelling mistake when buying the domain.


Xerox is a nod to the tech pioneered, with an innovative monkey ad campaign to highlight its simplicity, way back when.


Amazon emanated from two goals: starts with an A (practical) and signifies large and exotic. Its embrace of tactical execution and tech disruption/opportunities continues to evolve this “Magnificent 7” company through today.


An ideal name involves a blend of creativity, strategy and storytelling.


It’s about creating a brand that resonates with your audience, communicates your differentiation, and can stand the test of time.


Great brand names are often (and with the help of branding campaigns):

  • Simple and memorable

  • Reflect core values and benefits

  • Unique and distinctive

  • Evoke an emotional appeal

  • Versatile and scalable


But a name doesn’t make a company or a product.


Delivering a differentiated value and experience to your customers is what is most important to catalyze significant growth, gain market leadership and build a leading brand. And this doesn’t have to happen overnight, strategic and well executed improvements each day can indeed be transformative.


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